Cultivating the Joy of Intimacy & Communication: a Ketamine-Assisted Retreat for Couples | August 2024


This is a safe, structured retreat led by a staff of licensed and highly experienced therapists and physicians in the beautiful Catskill Mountains at MENLA Retreat and Spa.

~Meet at the intersection of science and spirituality~

This retreat offers a safe, structured environment where couples can deeply explore the nuances of their relationship, including aspects of sexuality and intimacy. Participants will learn to understand each other’s needs and navigate challenges collaboratively. The retreat emphasizes cultivating an intimate bond through what we refer to as noble communication—clear and compassionate exchanges that lay the foundation for healthy relationships. By developing these communication skills, couples can enhance their connection, leading to greater joy and a deeper sense of unity.

Ketamine is utilized here as a tool to explore profound existential realms, facilitating open and loving communication about sexual and intimate needs. Sexual energy, seen as a core aspect of our being, when unblocked, enhances not only our intimacy but also our overall health and happiness. Ketamine-assisted sessions are designed to open mental, emotional, and physical channels, allowing participants to connect with these aspects in a clear, insightful, and accepting way. The retreat also integrates mindfulness and meditation, crucial for regulating emotions and thoughts and fostering the ability to face each moment with balance and grace.

The program is designed to deepen personal and interpersonal connections within a group setting of like-minded couples. Structured, meaningful conversations and guided practices help explore pleasure and intimacy in this nurturing environment. No prior experience with psychedelic medicines or ketamine is required, and all participants begin with a screening call to ensure the retreat is a suitable fit.

The combination of ketamine with mindfulness and meditation offers a profound journey into a more conscious and purposeful life. These practices aim to reconnect participants with themselves, enhancing safety, resilience, and vitality in their lives. With an innate capacity for presence, compassion, and recognition of joy's healing power, the retreat emphasizes safety and preparedness for all participants to engage meaningfully with the group and the experiences offered.

Please note: This retreat is not a short-term residential treatment and is unsuitable for anyone experiencing an acute mental health crisis or those with severe, persistent psychiatric conditions.

Steps to join:

Step 1: Fill out the initial application to attend this retreat. After we receive that, the next step will be to conduct a screening call over Zoom with our Co-Founder and Lead Facilitator, Jayne Gumpel, LCSW (the confirmation email will include instructions on how to book this). 

Step 2: If the phone or Zoom screening results in a sense that there is a good fit (mutually decided, of course) you will be asked to make a deposit of 50% of the retreat fee (please note, this does not include the cost of housing).

Step 3: After paying the deposit to confirm your enrollment, you will receive an email with detailed instructions for all your next steps, including scheduling a medical screening appointment, booking housing at Menla Retreat Center, and choosing your Pre-Retreat Preparation Group Video Call with other retreat participants. You’ll also receive a login to our Customer Portal, where you’ll find all this information and more in one place, to help you prepare for the retreat. 

Retreat Schedule

Retreat Schedule

Check-in Thursday 4:00 PM (or earlier if you want to book a spa treatment)


4:00 PM Check-in until 6:00 PM

6:00 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Formal program begins


7:15 AM  Meditation NO BREAKFAST

8:15 AM Morning program and first dosing session:  Meet the medicine

12:00 PM  Lunch and SPA break. Optional meditation or yoga clas

3:30 PM Afternoon program

6:00 PM  Dinner

7:00-9:00 PM Evening program

9:00 PM Optional program for play, bonfire, etc


7:15 AM Meditation/yoga NO BREAKFAST

8:15 AM Integration and small groups

10:00 AM Dosing session

12:00 PM Lunch and break

Optional meditation, movement, creative writing class

3:00 PM Afternoon program

6:00 PM Dinner

7:00 PM Evening event


7:15 AM Meditation

8:15 AM Integration and small groups

10:00 AM Dosing Session. (a time for spa or hike if not dosing)

12:00 PM Lunch all together

1:00 PM Afternoon program

3:00 PM Program closes

* all participants must commit to staying until the close of the program.


Relationship Resources Cost: $2150 per person (plus choice of housing), 50% deposit upon enrollment. 50% balance due to confirm registration. 

PLEASE NOTE: This cost does not include the cost of housing or the medical screening, which are paid separately (see details below)

Housing & Meals Cost

The above fee does NOT include housing. Individual or shared (on request) accommodations available.

Prices range from $250 to $380 a night including delicious vegetarian meals. After being accepted, housing cost will be paid directly to Menla with a link provided. 

Medical Intake Costs

Medical Intake: Fee to be paid to medical provider $500 total for the couple (this includes the prescriptions for the Ketamine lozenges). A payment link will be provided to pay your assigned medical provider. 

Organizer/faculty contact details

Jayne Gumpel, LCSW

914.924.1509 (cell)

Relationship Resources LLC

15 Pine Grove St, Woodstock, New York 12498 (O)

Menla Retreat Center Contact Information

Front Desk at Menla:

Or call 845-688-6897 (Extension 101)

Apply Now
Jayne Gumpel, LCSW
David Gumpel, MA
Irina Linetskaya, MD
Donna Sorgen, LMHC
Daniel J. Zimmerman, M.D.